Best and worst factory contracts for coins

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Best and worst factory contracts for coins

Post  ecity on Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:40 pm

Many people just piack the contract that gives the most money at one time for example pretty ponies but sometimes you need to look at it a little closer most people on this forum are on level 96 and have a lot of experience some still don't know the best contracts so I did the math and found the 3 best contracts and the 3 worst. 

CPM (coins per minute)  CPH (coins per hour) 

Best contracts for coins
1. Popsicles          CPM= 130. CPH= 7,800.
2. Skinny jeans     CPM=  70.  CPH= 4,200.
3. breakfast cereal CPM= 53.  CPH= 3,199. 

Worst contracts for coins
1. Sport sneakers   CPM= 5.   CPH= 331.
2. Video Games      CPM= 5.   CPH= 333.
3. Blow dryers       CPM= 6.   CPH= 375.

Pleas note that these are per factory if you want to see how much you will get as a total you will have to multiply the amount by the number of factories you have 

Also as you see Popsicles is the best contract but you do need to take in mind that it takes time in between to set the contract so the amount you make will be less if it takes longer to set the popsicles. 

Hope this helps you make a money earning strategy


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