Best and worst factory contracts for XP

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Best and worst factory contracts for XP

Post  ecity on Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:47 am

most people think that the factory contract that gives you the most XP at one time is the best like diamond rings giving over 300 XP per factory but really if you break it down waiting 2 days for that amount of XP really isn't the best idea but it's not the worst either so in this post I will show you the 2 best and the 2 worst factory contracts for XP pleas note that I will not be comparing the amount of coins it will cost I will just be showing the contracts that will get you the most XP in the least amount of time

XPPM (XP Per Minute) XPPH (XP Per Hour)

Best factory contracts for XP

1. Candy bars XPPM=1.2000 XPPH=72.
2. Brakefast cereal XPPM=0.9333 XPPH=56.

Worst factory contracts for XP

1. Popsicles XPPM=0.0000 XPPH=0.
2. MP3 players XPPM=0.0906 XPPH=5.

Pleas note that I rounded the XPPH

So there you have it candy bars are the best contact for XP getting 1.2 XP every minute and Popsicles being the worst for XP but still the best for coins. It looks like a really good contract would be brakefast cereal being in the top 3 for coins and the top 2 for XP I hope this helps everyone get to there next level faster even if your stuck on level 96

good luck to all 


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