Gaining more coins and xp

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Gaining more coins and xp

Post  Neverneverland on Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:40 am

There is no shortcut to gaining coins and xp(expect for old version and i am not going into that because most new players should be on the new version). Here are some pointers:

1.You need to keep doing your factory contracts

Beside getting coins and xp from individual contact, you also get bonus coins, xp and gift for mastering each level. So remember to build factories (you can build up to 18 factories depending on your level). See also ecity's tips on xp and coins.

2. Visit your neighbors

You get coins and/or xp just for visiting. Of course, do not forget to clean their cities as well. You can clean up to ten nbrs' building and five for friends'.

3. Visit cities

And clean them and players will sparkle your city in return. Remember to collect your stars. There are your xp and coins.

4. Expand your city and build more "cleanable" buildings

Some structures cannot be clean. For example, trees, park, river...they are for beautifying your city.

5. Send gifts and remember to accept gifts from neighbors

The gift will be placed in your inventory. If you need coins, sell them. They are valued between 500 to 600 coins.

If other players has more to add, Please feel free to do so. Last but not least, ENJOY THE GAME!!!


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